Yohei Sugita "Rabbit Eyes"

30 November - 22 December 2013

Maki Fine Arts is proud to present "Rabbit Eyes," a solo show by up-and-comer Youhei Sugita starting Saturday, November 30, 2013.

Born in 1983, Sugita has been receiving much attention as a rare talent who, with his extremely innovative and painstakingly controlled brush strokes, creates a world where concrete and abstract coexists. Viewers may find his vivid sense of color full of light and space irresistible.

In all his recent solo shows including "Never Ending Story" (Seibu gallery, Shibuya: 2013), "Black Swan" (Megumi Ogita Gallery: 2013), and "Time Encountered" (Sprout Curation: 2012), nearly all of the showcased works were sold out. In addition, Sugita's artwork recorded the highest bid price out of all of the presented works submitted for the KISS THE HEART #2 auction.

In a brand new series for this exhibit, Sugita places more awareness on the context of modern history compare to the classic nostalgic tendencies he incorporated in the past that resembled impressionist paintings. His thoughts, he says, have been shifting more to the contemporary with influences from recent painters who have emerged onto the world stage in the 90s and beyond, such as Harnan Bas and Michaël Borremans.
For "Rabbit Eyes," using motifs with narrative qualities such as centaurs, butterflies, and wolves, the artist has managed to produce 15 paintings where fantastical scenes and mature allegory exists side-by-side.

In recent years, his works have influence many young hopefuls and continues to receive much attention. Please join Maki Fine Arts in celebrating a new development in Youhei Sugita's impressive career.

work image

Yohei Sugita "Afternoon of pan"
2013, Oil on canvas, 162×194cm

work image

Yohei Sugita "Helena Morpho 3"
2013, Oil on canvas, 53×45.5cm